Bonjour from Lomé, Togo! I am currently in West Africa documenting the wonderful sight saving work by non-profit organization HelpMeSee. HelpMeSee is pursuing their ambitious goal to eliminate avoidable blindness due to cataract through several program modules. To date, local partner surgeons working in China, India, Sierra Leone, Togo and Nigeria have performed more than 63,000 surgeries. The surgery costs only $35 for an adult and $300 for a child and will make a dramatic impact on not only their lives, but also the people who care for them.

Over the past two days in Togo, I spent my time at the local eye hospital, eye clinic and visited homes of patients that had or will be having cataract surgeries performed on them through the HelpMeSee Program. I interviewed many patients and heard some incredible stories about how restoring their sight in one or both of their eyes has transformed their lives. Here are some photos from my journey so far.










Please visit www.helpmesee.org to learn more about how you can make a difference in somebody’s life.

Photography by Kelvin Young