Last Sunday, ORBIS Canada hosted their annual Pull for Sight Fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for their global fight against preventable childhood blindness in developing countries. The pull is a fun team competition to see which group can pull a FedEx 757 cargo airplane the fastest.  Teams are made up of 25 members, who all line up adjacent to a huge rope attached to the aircraft.  The starter signals when to start and starts the stopwatch.  After the team pulls the aircraft 12 feet, the stopwatch stops and the elapsed time is recorded as the team score. I have been volunteering with ORBIS since 2008 and have joined them in the developing world, documenting some of their sight saving work in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009, as well as Da Nang and Hue in Vietnam in 2010. You can see some of my photography work for ORBIS by clicking here.

Mother Nature gave us everything on Sunday! We started the day off with thick dark clouds, followed by full on sunshine and finishing off with a torrential thunderstorm. We were very lucky to only have had a few drops of rain during the pull. The ORBIS Pull for Sight 2012 Toronto Fundraiser raised over $45,000.00 this year!

Jasmin rockin’ our new company t-shirts! She passed around our iPad during the event for participants to sign up for email notification once the photos were online.

ORBIS Volunteer Faculty Member Dr. Wai-Ching Lam being interviewed by the media before the event.

Tannis Walker, Executive Director of Development at ORBIS Canada welcoming participants and guests to this wonderful fundraising event.

Group stretch before the event led by Fitness on the Go!

The event was broadcasted live on CP24

FedEx Cargo Planes were on display at the event

Brian Klinzing, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships at ORBIS International flew all the way in from NYC to support this event!

The most anticipated pull of each year – the kids pull!

The Pearson Airport Professional Firefighters Association showed us the power of their vehicles at the end of the event

Fastest Pulling Team 2012!

ORBIS Canada, the Toronto-based development office of ORBIS International, is dedicated to the prevention of blindness, the saving of sight, the delivery of training, the transfer of skills and the creation of a world in which no one is needlessly blind, where quality eye care, education and treatment are available to everyone. Support ORBIS today by clicking here!